Cornerstone - Embroidery ONLY

  • $5.00


For those of you that want to go out and pick up your own shirts, this is where you would schedule the embroidery.  Note: This option requires a pre-payment.

1. Find the shirts you want at your favorite retail location.

2. Come here, add the embroidery charges to your cart and pay for them.  No need to select colors, we will add the correct embroidery colors here.

3. Print out your receipt.

4. Drop your shirts off at CornerStone.  They will be picked up, embroidered and delivered back to the school.  **Be sure to bag them up**

5.  You'll be notified when they are ready, but we will try to be on a... Drop off Wednesday - Pick up the following Wednesday schedule.

6.  Be sure to pre-pay and print your receipt.